Ronald van Deurzen is a pianist & composer from The Netherlands with credits in films, documentaries, games, video-animations and various government financed media projects. His music varies across all genres; from cinematic orchestral pieces, folk, pop to jazz & metal. Ronald also has a background in progressive rock music, recording on several retail album releases as keyboardist.

After growing up with organ and piano as a child, Ronald started his musical career as a performing pianist at the young age of 15 touring with the Dutch-Belgian folk/country band "Oregon'. As the youngest musician in his band he performed at venues in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France until he was 18 years old. With these stage experiences under his belt at a very young age, Ronald landed jobs as a keyboardist on various CD albums released in the USA, both independently and through a label, such as Euphoria Station - Reverie and Primitive Overflow, released on Progrock Records, which feature guitarvirtuoso Hoyt Binder, '80s MTV era vocalist Donnie Vie and Seal/Andrea Bocelli's harmonica player Tollak Ollestad. The music has received positive reviews in popular paperback magazines such as SwedenRock, Fireworks UK and iOpages The Netherlands, giving acclaim to his contributions on keyboards.

From there, Ronald built his own studio in Sweden and shifted into composing music for various films, documentaries, animations and videogames (such as the 2-hour soundtrack for 'Minions Of Mirth', the world's first one-time fee MMORPG, for Mac & Windows). The game was produced by PrairieGames Inc., a USA company consisting of members from Sony Entertainment, Electronic Arts and Atari. Ronald's soundtrack music has been well-received by mediacritics such as Strategy Informer, Gametunnel and RPGDOT. Several of his music works have been performed in Sweden and The Netherlands. The incorporation of world-instruments and impressionistic sections often found in his musical pieces led him to work in Asia. His arrangements for orchestra have been performed in Thailand, live in concert with several vocalists of 'The Voice - Thailand' (e.g. Anchee), featuring guest-musicians of Bangkok Symphony Orchestra. Ronald also instructed and lectured as an educator at universities in both Sweden (LNU) and in Thailand (RU Faculty of Fine Arts) as part of ASEAN's international program. Here he taught students for their Bachelor and Master level degrees in music.


As a music educator, Ronald authored his upcoming educational book 'Ear Training In Context'. This book method will be ISBN-published during fall 2018 for teacher and student use. It features an audio disc containing exercises. The method concentrates on multi-part solfège of multi-timbral arrangements to prepare students for real working-life situations in bands, orchestras and in the recording studio.


Originally Ronald is a pianist of tranquil and ethereal impressionistic music. He independently composed and produced 2 instrumental albums of New Age music; - the piano-driven Imaginations (2012) and the celtic-influenced Tale of Dreams (2013). The albums are available physically and digitally through CDBaby (US), iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other mainstream retailers. His relaxation album 'Imaginations' blends influences from the Asian cultural scene and has been used by a 4-star Spa Resort in Phuket, The music fuses world-music with new age styles of a spiritual nature.

Ronald is also a member of Media Artes, one of Swedens primary concert-organisations for contemporary music and media art, supported by the Swedish Ministry of Cultural Affairs (Statens Kulturråd). Here Ronald was commissioned to compose music for the contemporary art project 'Soundsight'. He also built his own studio 'Static Noise Studio' inside the cultural building The Italian Palace in Sweden; an artist collective, housing various established Swedish and international artists.

Within this inspiring 18th century old building he composed many of his musical pieces in the past decade. In the Swedish contemporary art-music scene he is also a regular at the Media Artes' Blomdahl Studio, regularly experimenting with electro-acoustic music composition. While working as a composer he has been a member of the board of directors for both Media Artes and IPEK (Italienska Palatset Ekonomisk Förening).


Listen to the piece 'Tranceptive' (nutida konstmusik), composed and performed at IPEK Sweden


Punctuality, reliability, rapport.

Across my client/employer history I've collaborated professionally with people from various countries, cultures and disciplines. While English is my 'go-to' language for collaboration, I also speak fluent Swedish and have Dutch as my native tongue.


Keypoints of collaboration.

• experienced in many genres & moods, using software, hardware synths and acoustic recordings.

• available network of guest-musicians able to record

• available for onsite or offsite work as composer or for workshops/lectures. Foreign clients,. drop a line.

• easy forms of communication (onsite, phone, post, Skype, Slack chat, email, FTP file sharing).

• Punctuality, reliability, rapport.


Specialized in composing for drama, romance, fantasy and documentary, but can deliver all other styles as well.

My additional niche is progressive rock music (experience from Reverie/Primitive Overflow), allowing me to create soundtrack music for specific films/games with dominating guitar riffs, synth solos, odd time signatures and rich orchestra sections.


As a live pianist/keyboardist by trade, I perform all parts of my music when producing. This means my music always contains maximum human touch and emotion, even during projects made within a MIDI environment. Whether I'm performing sensitive piano passages for an album, shredding a solo on synthesizer or sequencing a trailer with top-of-the-line sample libraries - I ensure that each part contains the same musical expressivity of a live performance.


Ronald van Deurzen - Composer

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