Below you will find audio excerpts from past works as a pianist/keyboardist and media composer. If you are wondering if a certain style or substyle can be done that is catered to your project do not hesitate to contact me directly for MP3s.



various cinematic styles

Contemporary Art Music

'Tranceptive' commission by Media Artes, I.P. in Sweden


in the styles jazz/progrock


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NEW AGE: Imaginations

Piano-driven New Age album with heartfelt melodies and harmonies with tinges of classical, jazz and global fusion.
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 'Autumn Park' Official video

"Truly a soundtrack of your Imagination! What a realistic way of presenting the power of sound!"

- NewMusicAlert -

"Every track is excellent... a delightful trip from one end of the musical spectrum to another."

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NEW AGE: Tale of Dreams

Fantasy music with a celtic orchestral sound, dreamy textures and tinges of New Age.

Listen to the song 'Tale of Dreams'
'Tale of Dreams' on Amazon


Fund raising album to raise awareness and preserve indeginous way of life of the Wounaan Tribe. Light folkrock with tinges of world, new age and prog (played keyboards for the album).

Press release
"This Is My Path" - single on YouTube

PROG/FOLKROCK: Euphoria Station

- The Reverie Suite

Americana meets prog. Piano, guitars, banjos, harmonica, violin, flute. With Hoyt/Saskia Binder, feat. harmonica player Tollak Ollestad (Andrea Bocelli, Seal, Chet Atkins) while Ronald Van Deurzen is on keys.

'The Reverie Suite' on Bandcamp

Review 8.6/10 - Profil Prog Canada
Review 9/10 - Dutch Progressive Rock Page
IndeProg Award Best Vocal Album - Friday Night Progressive

PROGROCK: Primitive Overflow - Honor Way Down

Heavy progrock with pop vocals. On guitars, Hoyt Binder, Chris Quirarte (Primary/Redemption) on drums, Paulo Gustavo on bass. Keys by Ronald Van Deurzen. Mastering by Maor Appelbaum (Yngwie Malmsteen, Yes). Released through label ProgRock Records.


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Official video for the Celtic New Age inspired piece 'Pillars of Faith', featuring piano and vocals.

Official video of the piano composition 'Autumn Park', from the album 'Imaginations'.

A short retrospective on the music of various
Swedish documentary projects - 2015-2017

Official video for 'Seashells', a modern electronic New Age piece in a minimalist style.

Music for an animated EU-sanctioned project in Sweden, called 'MerKoll / Miljöpåverkan'. Its aim was to reduce environmental impact by use of public transportation. Commissioned by ReaKonsult Örebro, Sweden.

A short retrospective on the use of music in various film scenes (in Swedish) - 2007

Radio / Interview

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