Below you will find a few press quotes & testimonials about my work from the media such as webzines, paperback magazines and employers/clients. Contact me directly for references and Curriculum Vitae.

"Hopeful Bliss is hands down one of the finest New Age music pieces released in 2020..."

New Age Music Guide

"...his experience and understanding of various genres of music lent him a unique capability to think beyond the horizon..."

New Music Alert

"Every track is excellent... a delightful trip from one end of the musical spectrum to another."

"This is an excellent, enjoyable album in every way. Imagine that."

"...exceptionally tasteful and technically high-standing..."

iOpages Magazine #issue Dec'12, The Netherlands

" of those rare finds, a range of beautiful melodies..."

"Hands down, the music in this game is amazing"

"Beautiful piano playing"

Background Magazine, The Netherlands

"...the sound work is superb.... Beautiful sound"

"Working with Ronald van Deurzen has been stress free. He takes direction well, but does not hold back his own creativity."

Hoyt Binder - Euphoria Station

"We were very pleased with the final product which was delivered on time and to our specifications. I would not hesitate to work with Ronald again."

Lara Engebretson - PrairieGames Inc. USA

"Inspiring, versatile and absolutely beautiful work."

Joakim Johansson, Design & Programming, REAKonsult Örebro, Sweden

"Very witty and ambitious."
(Primitive Overflow)

SwedenRock Magazine

"The music in this game is superb"

"The link between Van Deurzen's magnificent studio for soundtrack music and Media Artes' studio-operations in the Blomdahl-studio, developed into a very good collaboration."

Thomas Liljeholm, Chairman Media Artes,

Former Managing Director of Musica Vitae, Sweden